About me

I have been SandCarving Glass and just about anything if you can scratch it I can sandblast it. Started about 1992 and now do more of the graphic drawing that I have spent years of on and teach some online via skype. I have traveled a couple of times to teach hands on and enjoyed doing that. Ok enough about me now lets get SandCarving. God Bless

Equipment I use 

(Graphtec FC7000-100 plotter cutter for making stencils for Multi-stage sand carving)

(Letralite Exposure Unit for making washout film stencils)

(Cyclone sandblast cabinet and pressure pot)

(Adobe Illustrator CS5 SC2 will do just fine)

(Adobe photoshop CS2 to CS5 works fine)

(Wacom intous 4 medium size model PTK-640 for drawing graphics although I did you a computer mouse for the first year)

(Epson printers for washout stencils)​

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Some of my Favorite Links

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  • Touch The Sky4:22
  • My Story4:38
  • Greater4:05
  • Magnify3:28
  • Chain Breaker3:16
  • Good Good Father (Live)5:44
  • Live Like That3:57
  • We Won't Be Shaken3:56
  • Move2:58
  • Redeemed4:36
  • Overwhelmed5:29

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